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3 Things To Do To His Cock!

Posted by Mikayla to Women's Issues
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Believe it or not, there are more things that you can do with your man’s penis besides just a blowjob and sex!  Sure, those are tried and true favorites and I am very sure he will not complain one bit if that is all you ever do with his little guy – but why not strive for MORE?  Here are a few things you can do to his play pal that are off the beaten (pun intended) path of the blowjob / sex route.  Keep in mind, BJs and Sex should never be forgotten – but the road to this can be enhanced with these few tricks!


Have you ever taken a moment and just looked at your man’s penis?  You know, just stroked it or played with it or admired it – in all its amazing glory?  Well, you should!  While doing that notice that it is versatile in many ways.  It stands at attention for you, it bends a bit, can move when he flexes his muscles.  A penis is fun, fun, fun!  The next time you are down on your knees admiring his pole, take a minute to play penis ping pong!  Hot Woman Intimately Touching ManI know, it sounds ridiculous, but to them it feels quite....interesting and usually arousing!  Keep in mind this is not a championship match here, so tread lightly!  Take each hand and place it on either side of his penis, then “tap” it from one hand into the other – GENTLY!  The surprise action will catch him off guard and the tapping and stimulation will arouse him more!  Once you get the hang of it, speed it up a tad!


You know that moment right before you take his cock into your mouth – the one where he is so anxious to feel the warm wetness of your mouth that you can feel the tension?  Yes, THAT moment is when you do something a bit unexpected – you BLOW hot breath onto his manhood!  Yes, I said it.  Blow him before you blow him!  The hot and humid breath coming from you that hits his penis will make him shudder.  Don’t just do it once either.  Oh no, take full advantage by blowing hot breath and then licking a little – then blowing some more!  The sensations changing in temperature and texture will drive him mad!  Then, when he is squirming, you can begin to give him a proper BJ!

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You may think that a “handjob” is a standard sexual practice and therefore it doesn’t deserve its own section here with the top 3 things to do to his cock outside of the BJ and sex.  The truth is though, a true handjob – the start to finish using ONLY your hands is a very under-utilized practice nowadays!  Furthermore, a handjob using lubrication of some sort is VERY different than the little jerk and tug that you may be offering your guy when your mouth gets tired of blowing him.  So, if you want to give him a special treat, get yourself some quality Silicone Lubricant (or other slickery stuff) and offer him up a complete handjob with added lubrication.  To take this up 10 notches TALK to him while you are doing it!  Your mouth is not busy, you are not concentrating on your own feeling but his – so dirty talk him baby!  Tell him how he feels in your hands, how you can’t wait for him to fill you up, how stroking him makes you wet!  Yup.  Do that with the slippery handy and he will be putty in your hands – literally!

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Date 6/24/2015
MMM! I love to give him a nice slick handjob with some tingling lube! He gets so excited!
Date 6/24/2015
i like to just touch him through his jeans while we out doing things so its on his mind by the time we get home :)
Date 6/25/2015
Jake F
she gives a good handjob with lube. it seems dumb to me at first when we could just be having sex but its pretty fun lol now im all hard and slick before sex
Date 6/26/2015
we love to just fondle each other a bit before getting to the sex. it really heats things up
Date 6/28/2015
I blow him! HARD!!!!!!
Date 6/30/2015
Hawley XOXO
I like to give him a little hand job and lube him up. It's a lot of fun to get his cock all warmed up and then straddling him and putting him in me. He loves it when I take over.
Date 7/2/2015
we just fuck that all he want lol
Date 7/10/2015
My wife complains of getting a sore jaw after just a few minutes of oral sex. She wonders what she is doing to cause this and for sure I am as she must quit. Any thoughts?

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