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3 Things That Help Her Cum Faster

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
While the goal for most men is to last as long as they can because they are usually “one and done” when it comes to orgasms, women are lucky to be able to cum (orgasm) more than once.  So, it stands to logic if your partner can have multiple orgasms, you may want to speed up the first one so she can have more intense orgasms.  Or, if your woman happens to be someone who needs a lot of stimulation to orgasm, and sometimes you end up finishing way before she does, you may want to try some tricks to help speed up the process.  Whatever your reason, if you want to help your woman to cum faster, here are 3 tips.

HIT THAT CLIT:  For women, the clitoris is the hot spot for sensation and stimulation.  Most women, upwards of 85%, NEED clitoral stimulation to climax.  In fact, for many women it is the ONLY way that they ever climax no matter the other stimulations that are present.  3_things_that_help_her_cum_fasterSo, if you want your woman to orgasm more quickly, REALLY concentrate on her clitoris!  Give her the most direct stimulation of her clit that you can.  Ask her what she likes (or ask her to show you what she likes) so that you can mimic the stimulation that she uses to get herself off!  Then give her constant attention down there paying attention to her cues until she explodes in a happy, sweaty heap!

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ASK B.O.B. FOR HELP:  No, not Bob your downstairs neighbor – B.O.B. a/k/a the Battery Operated Boyfriend – otherwise known as HER VIBRATOR!  It is no secret that while women prefer a real penis, tongue or fingers that in a pinch (or as extra fun) vibrators and bullets are the go-to choices for at home solo play!  They provide direct and powerful stimulation (see above) and they do it with GUSTO!  So, add in a little vibrator or bullet play and you will be amazed at how quickly she can cum!  Then, alternate your mouth, fingers and penis for the vibrator and you will have one heck of a fun time.

TRIPLE STIM:  The more stimulation you can give your lover the more quickly she will orgasm.  So, if you are giving her some lovely oral attentions add in FINGERS internally to stimulate her G-Spot and internal spaces AND add in some nipple play by reaching up with your spare hand OR anal play with a well-lubed finger!  She will be in sensory overload from all the varied stimulations and will likely orgasm harder and faster (as well as wonder – WHAT THE HECK YOU WERE DOING TO HER!)  Yup, think in 3s.  What three stimulations can you give to her?  Add in a vibrator for extra internal stimulation or employ the help of some vibrating nipple clamps.  The key here is to overwhelm her with stimulation!

What Do You Do To Make Her Cum?

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Date 4/27/2015
Taylor K.
For me the second one works the fastest but I would like to try the first and third one more because I don't always want to use a toy with my husband. Thanks for the inspiration!
Date 4/29/2015
Dave EEE !
Date 5/15/2015
can't seem to get her to cum before me. hoping these tips will help. i've had lots of luck with TooTimid so i'm hopeful.
Date 5/26/2015
I used to be so jealous of B.O.B. and how easily she gets off with him. But now I think I'm going to try and bring him into the bedroom. Just want to please her however I can. Might even surprise her with a new vibrator. she has wanted a silicone one forever.
Date 6/17/2015
luv to overwhelm her wit multiple sensations ... and she luvs it too. triple stim is the real VIP. nipples, pussy, and clit!

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