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3 Best Sex Positions To Give Her An Orgasm

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
While sex is enjoyable in and of itself, everyone knows that the highlight of sex is the orgasm!  Men love to make their woman cum – and women, of course, love to oblige!  However, it is not always easy for a woman to climax and certain positions are better than others to achieve this goal.  While not all women are the same – and some positions may be easier for some women than others – here are 3 positions that often are successful for giving her an orgasm!
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MISSIONARY MAN:  If you think that missionary (man on top) is a ho-hum or vanilla position think again!  While it is considered the most practiced position there is a reason:  it can get your woman off!  The missionary position places the man’s pubic bone in a fantastic position for rubbing against her clitoris.  Furthermore, she can adjust her hips to thrust up into him to allow 3_best_sex_positions_to_give_her_an_orgasmmore friction.  The closeness of this position also allows for kissing and holding – which is intimate – and often helps the woman connect with her partner.  The woman can wrap her legs around her man, or, make them lax and limp so that her clitoris is more exposed.  The variations are limitless!  So, don’t shrug off the missionary position, think of it as the cums-a-lot position!

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RIDE TO THE O:  When a woman takes control of her own pleasure she is more likely to have an orgasm.  For many women, this means the reverse cowgirl position!  In this position she can take her partner as deeply or as shallow as she would like.  She also can adjust her strides to a pace that suits her.  Most importantly, she can rub her clitoris against him while she is in charge, enhancing her arousal and increasing her chance of having an orgasm.  For many women the reverse cowgirl position creates the optimal environment for orgasm!
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GOING D FOR THE O:  While many people believe that doggystyle (woman on all fours and man entering from behind) is a “man’s” position – the truth is, it is a fantastic position for the female O!  In doggystyle the penetration is extremely deep – which is pleasing for both partners.  Also, the curve of the penis can stroke a woman’s G-Spot, so if she is a lucky girl and can orgasm from internal stimulation alone – this position is a must do!  Plus, if she wants to add in some clitoral stimulation while having sex all she has to do is reach between her legs and go to it.  This position also offers options:  bending your head toward the bed changes the depth, spreading legs offers clitoral stim, closing legs together makes it tighter.  Just experiment and find out what works best for you!

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Date 7/2/2015
Lydia B.B.
omg omg doggystyle i love it it always makes me explode!!!!
Date 7/2/2015
my gurl loves it when i bend her over the table and go at her from behind. makes her scream so loud and cum so hard
Date 7/3/2015
tried the first one last night ... never thought about missionary as a "sexy" position but i spread my legs more and ground up against him and oh my GOD not only did i cum once, i did it two more times after that!!! it was EXPLOSIVE. it gave me more than enough clit stimulation to get there, and it was sooo intense. my new favorite position!
Date 7/4/2015
Reverse Cowgirl is like the best position ever. It gives her complete control ... which is always sexy ;) You can even have her tie you down or hold your wrists down to make it even more interesting. Always using this one, though.
Date 7/5/2015
love missionary .... soooo true that it is sooo underrated. makes you cum so hard, so quick. especially if you grind against him while he fucks you.
Date 10/13/2015
Ronald Schweitzer
Do you have any GOOD erotica breast pumps?

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