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25 Ways To Have Fifty Shades Of Grey Sex!

Posted by TooTimid Staff to General / Misc Info
This February it’s time to challenge yourself to step out of your own way when it comes to new sexual adventures!  New Year’s Resolutions have faded away since last month, and it’s time to try, and try again - this time with a Fifty Shades of Grey spin.  When it comes to foreplay and sex, I’m sure you’ve got a few tricks up your sleeve you’ve been dying to try, especially after being inspired by Mr. Grey.  Resist your comfort zones and challenge your lover to do the same for some beginner BDSM, extra sensual and exceptionally thrilling sex!  This is about a new experiences, right?  No one would ever have hot new sex if they were always resisting and sticking with the same old shenanigans!  Grab your lover and my list of 25 Ways To Have Fifty Shades Of Grey Sex, and enjoy!

Use ice cubes to heighten sensation all over your skin.  It’s a great beginner move for those interested in the teasing of BDSM.  It won’t leave any marks on your skin and is the perfect transition from vanilla sex to Fifty Shades sex!

2.  MAKE OUT LIKE YOU MEAN IT:  If Christian and Anastasia aren’t going at it, then they’re making out.  They can hardly keep their hands off each other!  So this is your chance to incite some hot and heavy makeout sessions.  Anywhere.  Everywhere.  Just go for it. 

3.  SENSATIONAL SOUNDS:  Music can change your mood instantly, but pair some sexy songs with a blindfold and you’ll be just like Ana in the Red Room!  By limiting your hearing and vision - and putting your thought process into overdrive - you will be putty in your lover’s hands as they tickle you with feathers, whips, kisses, and more!

4.  SPANKING:  Don’t turn away just yet!  Spanking doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing experience.  Try enhancing your doggy style by having him give you a couple swat
s on your bum.  If you like it, GREAT!  He can play with pleasure and pain.  If you don’t, there’s 23 other tips to try!

  Christian is always teaching Ana how to experience more and feel more by keeping her eyes open
during sex.  This can be very difficult when in the throes of passion, but it’s a challenge I think you can master.  Watching your lover’s expressions change is an incredible turn on!

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6.  BYE BYE, BED:  Say goodbye to the bed and make it a no sex zone.  I’m not saying don’t have sex!  I’m saying, do it in the shower, on the couch, propped up against a wall… You get the idea.

7.  ENHANCE YOUR TEASE:  Oh I am all about the tease.  Go ahead and get some new lingerie.  Perfect the art of talking dirty in very public spaces.  Practice an extended foreplay by continuing the sexual hints and stimulation all day.  Touch and lick your lips, swing your hips, and keep your lover a short distance from the prize until you’ve got him begging!

There is something deeply arousing about being taken by, or taking your lover.  Start simple with silk ties or furry handcuffs, and work your way up to cuff and tether restraints and under-the-bed bondage kits!  You can of course use Ana and Christian’s “Hard Limit” phrase as a safe word if necessary.

9.  GET FANCY:  It’s no secret that one of the most appealing things about Mr. Grey is his affluence and ability to spoil Anastasia.  Save your pennies and treat yourself to an incredibly posh dinner with expensive wine and impeccably-prepared courses.  Dress the part, take on new names, and really play it up for an extra thrill!

10.  STOP DISTRACTIONS:  If there’s one way you should surprise your lover it’s with this “staying home for sex” thing.  Play hooky to hook up!  If you can’t skip work, make a weekend of it!  Turn your cell phone off and the music up and try everything you’ve always wanted!

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11.  ASK FOR PERMISSION:  Imagine the look on his face when you start saying, “please” for all of your sexual favors!  Yes, please!  By asking for permission you place yourself in a comfortably submissive state and offer up the dominance to him.  When you’re ready change it up, tell him he has to ask for what he wants (and he better say please)!

12.  KEEP YOUR HEELS ON:  The power of high heels is not just for use with clothes on, ladies.  It can be a serious turn on when you’re dressed in nothing but a pair of stilettos and a sly smile.  Then, every time you slip on a pair of heels, you’ll have him trained to be turned on!

13.  ROLEPLAY:  Whether you want to become Anastasia and Christian, a nurse and a patient, or some other sexy pair, roleplaying is a great way to incorporate new kinds of sex (including kink) into your bedroom!  What would your roleplay persona want out of sex?

14.  NEW SEX TECH:  If you want to get into the Ana and Christian roleplay, start by creating new email accounts.  Half the books are filled with their naughty emails back and forth, and with top secret and separate life/sexy accounts you can feel free to safely go wild with emails as dirty as you are!

15.  POSITION SWITCH-UP:  Half New Year’s Resolution and half Fifty Shades of Grey tip, you’ve just GOT to try some new sex positions!  Try starting off with one new position every week.  You’ll have something to look forward to that will break up the routine and infuse excitement into your sex again!

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16.  PICK A PLAYLIST:  Take your sexy playlist from headphones to stereo!  Not only does music muffle the sounds of your sex, it can be just as stimulating as a kiss or a lick.  Get in the mood with a playlist full of dirty words or breathtaking beats.  You’ll know when you walk in the door and your lover has that music is playing that you’re in for a treat!

17.  WAKE HIM UP WET:  Ana and Mr. Grey have A LOT of morning sex.  But it doesn’t necessarily have to be morning when you wake him up ready to go at it.  Pick the right moment so he’s rested (not before a big day at work) and wake him up with little kisses.  Then run his fingers down your body until he feels how excited you are!

18.  REVAMP YOUR TOY COLLECTION:  Now, I would hope that with all of this Fifty Shades talk you would want to get your hands on a riding crop or restraint kit, but even a simple vibrator that is designated for both your pleasure can heighten passion.  Try a beginner vibrator or vibrating cock ring to start!

19.  ELEVATOR EXCITEMENT:  The enclosed and timed-intimacy of an elevator is the perfect place for a quick makeout session. Find an excuse to ride some elevators and kiss between floors just like Ana and Mr. Grey!

20.  TAKE IT TO THE FLOOR:  The floor, as opposed to the bed, can add a whole new experience to otherwise routine sex.  Whether you’ve got cold hardwood floors or a plush carpet, the floor offers a new perspective and surface for sex!

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21.  GO AWAY:  Really!  Get out of your house and enjoy some time away.  Take a day trip to the next state over, or pack for a weekend getaway.  Besides, any excuse to get dressed up is an excuse to wear lingerie...and we know where lingerie ends up!

22.  WATCH AND LEARN:  A simple act that is both extremely intimate and a little taboo is mutual masturbation.  Ask your lover if you can watch them masturbate to learn all about what kinds of touch makes them orgasm.  Then, invite them to watch you while you show them what makes you orgasm.  If you’re really turned on, masturbate at the same time!

23.  SENSUAL MASSAGE:  Start massaging your lover with massage oils while they are face down in bed.  Whisper in their ear, pause to gently kiss their skin, and when you feel their arousal building, turn them over onto their back.  Drift your fingertips ever so closely to his/her genitals but hold back as long as possible!

24.  ORGASM BALLS:  Feel new sensations inside with the use of ben wa balls (also called orgasm or pleasure balls).  These do take practice to keep inside no matter how tight you are.  Even spring chickens like Ana could have trouble holding in smaller and/or heavier orgasm balls.  Wearing them can also strengthen your kegel muscle and give you more powerful orgasms!

25.  INCITE DOMINANCE:  Invite your lover to teach you a lesson by misbehaving on purpose!  Stick with traditional mischief like tying his shoelaces together, or try a game during sex.  For instance, you can attempt to keep marble on your chest while laying down during oral sex.  If the marble rolls off, well, you’ll be disciplined accordingly.

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