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12 Top Sex Toys For Couples

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Sex Toy Discussion
Mikayla's must-haves
A common misconception about sex toys is that they are only for the single gal – you know, the one “without a MAN to satisfy her!” Well, it is indeed a misconception because sex toys are for EVERYONE! Single, married, dating, gay, straight or lesbian – there is a sex toy out there for any person and any sexual need.

When it comes to sex toys and couples there are boundless opportunities! Toys can revamp a stagnant sex life, bring a couple closer together or, bring them together for the first time! Sex toys can be innocent and flirty – like a couple’s board game; or kinky and nasty – like bondage or restraint sets; or even just something for her that both partners can enjoy – like dildos or vibes! Whatever your coupling status is – there is a sexual enhancement product out there for you to enjoy!

I decided to dedicate this “Mikayla’s Must Haves” to only couple’s items! As my hubby and I use lots of toys in our bedroom, it is easy for me to think of at least 10 items that I would recommend to any couple! So read on my curious couple and find out what may be missing in your bedroom!

For many couples sexual enhancement products begin with something fun, flirty and mutually pleasing. This means games! Sexual board games have come a long way since the “do it yourself” games of the past. Now, board games for lovers are meant to encourage conversation, the discussion of fantasies, cuddling and yes, even SEX and INTIMACY! A couple’s board game can be the best way to introduce fun into the bedroom, especially if the fun has been slowly leaking out!

I have a few faves in this category – as I am a proponent myself of the intimate board game. The KAMA SUTRA BOARD GAME is a wild favorite in my bedroom. Why? Well, because this game mixes the art of conversation magically with erotic ideas and Kama Sutra techniques and positions. You actually LEARN about your partner playing this game – while getting aroused to boot! The KAMA SUTRA GAME will have both of you laughing, touching, talking and eventually making love in a romantic way that you may have thought was an activity for the past! Kama Sutra has been around for thousands of years – this game just might help your relationship last at least a fraction of the time!

Another game which is absolutely my top pick for NEW couples or couple’s who have drifted a bit apart is the 52 WEEKS OF ROMANCE CARD KIT. With this wonderful little selection of cards you will be reminded to tell your lover how you feel about them. With cards marked “his” and “hers” you can take turns picking and performing what the cards direct you to do. With simple suggestions like “hug and kiss your partner 10 times today” to naughty ideas about “fondling your lover’s butt” to even naughtier “bedroom only” activities – these cards put the romance and intimacy back into the relationship!

If you prefer to have a more traditional form of erotic entertainment, then invest in STRIP POKER the real game. With this game the chips are all down (and your panties will be too!) The chips not only ask you to take it off, but they suggest fun ways to do it! This is not your Mom’s strip poker – this is all new and revamped and will have you both betting your pants off!

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Sometimes the best items for couples are simply fun with a capital “F.” Bringing fun into the bedroom is one of the best ways to reconnect with your lover. Sex SHOULD be fun, and FUN should lead to sex! So, one of my favorite “toys” to recommend for fun are WASHABLE BODY MARKERS. While some of you may be thinking that body markers are for “new” or “young” relationships – you are totally wrong! These fun, easy to use, water-soluble body markers can make foreplay hot and fun. Take the time to scribble a love note on your lover’s stomach, draw sexy circles around her nipples, draw an arrow pointing to his penis – it is all in your mind! Whatever you do – do it naked - and these markers will be a great hit!

Along the same line of the blast from the past body markers are GLOW IN THE DARK EROTIC DICE. I had these dice on my honeymoon and let me tell you – I kept them for 11 years for a reason! These naughty dice tell you what to do and where to do it! With this dice game, getting “lucky sevens” is equivalent to the “kiss me” on my. . . you get the picture! These dice are a wonderful way to ease into a first sexual experience, or bring some laughs to your established bedroom!

Now, for a gift that keeps on giving try the LIQUID LATEX KIT! This do-it-yourself kit is a hoot and a holler and really fun to use. Your lover can make you a personalized latex corset, body suit, bikini or whatever you like! This one is for the ladies only guys, you have way too much hair to play with the latex. However, the person molding and painting the latex is the one who has all the fun anyway – so go to town, make a sexy outfit for your honey – and remember, she has to be NAKED to do it!

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OK, so maybe you are not kinky now but want to get a little kinkier! What does KINK me to ME in MY bedroom? BONDAGE BABY! I am not talking about some serious bondage, but some light and fun play with sensations. There are so many favorites in this section that it will be hard for me to narrow it down to a few – but I will try!

Keeping in mind that most people will be new to restraints, I will start out by suggesting OUR FIRST BONDAGE KIT! This little kit comes with a blindfold and a set of feet and wrist restraints. Easy to use, comfortable and non-intimidating, this little kit can be your first of many bondage buys!

Now, if you want something that is less “bondage” and more “marital aid” I would suggest the SEX SLING! This wonderful device works in many ways – but primarily, it assists you in holding your legs up and apart. With a comfortable neck brace and two comfy ankle straps you can “assume the position” and have your hands free for other things. Both men and women can use this item – and the possibilities for play are endless! This sling will enhance penetration, reduce the strain on your leg muscles and provide new angle possibilities for your play!

Finally, if you want to stay away from the restraints, but still want to kink it up, then try one of my absolute FAVORITE products – the 14” RUBBER WHIP! Yes, I said it, a WHIP. No, it is not barbaric to swat your lover on her (or his) behind! Quite the contrary, it can be EXTREMELY stimulating. I know I love a little tickle and a smack when I am having foreplay – and I will bet you would too! Use the whips long, supple tethers to tease your lover by running the whip up and down the erogenous zones. Then, when she least expects it – SMACK! I little tap on the body with the whip! It is exhilarating and fun – and that is what sex should be FUN!

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This last section is sort of the “catch all” section where I will suggest 3 items that are sure to get your flame on in the bedroom! Many couples come to the site looking for items that can be used together during intercourse. Specifically, there is a desire for clitoral stimulation during sex. In the regard, COUPLE’S AROUSERS are great products! There are so many to try that I am remiss to find just one to recommend. I suppose the best way to suggest a couple’s arouser is to say that it depends on what you want to accomplish. There are some which go around the penis (penis ring) and have a clitoral stimulator. There are a bunch to choose from – and many have great reviews. Then, there are the more advanced rings that have an extra appendage – for double penetration. So, if you are looking for something that does double duty – there you go!

Probably the best couple’s toy that any couple could have would be a BULLET or MINI VIBE! As I have said on many occasions, bullets and small vibes work wonderfully on both the man and the woman in the couple! There are more uses for a BULLET than just clitoral stim! These little wonders can be run over the nipples, neck, thighs, buttocks, back, breasts, penis, shaft and CLITORIS! There are more tantalizing tricks to using a small vibe than you could imagine! They are non-intimidating, affordable, fun to use and will definitely bring new life into ANY relationship!

Finally, I would be remiss if I did not suggest as least the notion of ANAL TOYS! Anal play is not for everyone, but lately, it has been on the rise with both MEN and WOMEN. Anal toys can make the transition to Anal play easier and more fun. Or, if you are already an anal aficionado, then you can get things even hotter by using an anal toy. More and more men are realizing the joys of anal penetration, so perhaps getting an anal toy for HIM is a great way to enhance HIS sex time. There are wonderful products for all kinds of anal play from beginner to advanced, and now there is something special. The ANEROS MALE G-SPOT item is a MUST have for any man open to anal play! I guarantee that your man has never felt stimulation like this with this wonderful new invention that is specifically designed for male anal pleasure! So, if you are looking for anal toys or items, check out the extensive list of lubes, toys and other products to make your anal time BETTER!

If there is anything else that I can suggest it would be to always be open to talking about, learning about and trying new sexual experiences. Sex is an ever evolving situation, and if you are stuck in the land of missionary sex with no foreplay and no toys – think again! We are creatures of intense learning capacity, and this can and should extend to our sexual knowledge. We should embrace our partner’s ideas and fantasies, and be able and willing to share our own. There are tons of EDUCTATIONAL DVD’s and BOOKS on site that can help to enlighten you about other opportunities. Otherwise, the normal ADULT DVD can be a learning experience in and of itself!

Be open, be honest, be willing and be FREE to have great sex! Remember, these are just a few of the products that I could recommend. There are hundreds of toys that are just waiting to be explored. Even toys that are solely for HER can be a couple’s toys if the playing is done TOGETHER! Keep in mind that sex where couple’s share everything can be the most fulfilling and satisfying sex ever! So, here’s to better sex all around!

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