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10 Ways to Give GREAT Head

Posted by Mikayla
I am great at oral sex. No, really, I am. Ask anyone I have given head to. *pats my own back* I have never once had a man not tell me I was amazing. It is a gift. It is a gift I am going to share with all of you. There are some very important aspects to a killer BJ, things all women should be doing while they are DOING their man. This is not the end-all list, as I could list 100 things to do while giving a BJ, but to me, these are the things that I have heard make my BJs special! When a man says to you, “I wish my cock could live in your mouth,” you know you are good!

10. ENTHUSIASM!! Say it with me: Men LOVE to know that you LOVE giving them head! Remember, this is their special friend you have in your hands and mouth, the most intimate part of him and he is trusting that to YOU. Do not give him a pity BJ or one out of obligation! No, he would rather not have a blowjob (seriously, he wouldn’t) than have you down there pretending to enjoy it while gagging on him. If you are going to do it, love doing it. Love doing it FOR HIM and FOR YOU. Find the pleasure in pleasing him. That is the greatest gift you can give him and yourself too!

9. TAKE CONTROL! So, it is your time in the spot-light, you need to take control of the action. Allow him to lay back and enjoy your attentions. Make him comfortable. Let him know that this part is just for him and to relax and enjoy you. Encourage him to watch, or lay back and close his eyes. This is his time to enjoy the sensations you will give him.

8. TAKE YOUR TIME! Unlike some porn flicks where the woman seems to be racing the clock by jamming his cock down her throat a mile a minute, this is not a race. A good blowjob is a slow process where you relish his cock in your mouth and hands. A good blowjob starts slowly and builds up, then slows down. Don’t be in a rush, good things CUM to those who wait!

7. USE YOUR HANDS! The best blowjobs have a combination of sucking, licking and stroking. The stroking can vary from a gentle up and down motion, to a firmer touch, to a gentle rubbing of the crown in between sucks. I have found one of the most successful and appreciated methods is the “twist.” You make sure his cock is slick with your saliva and you grab his cock with your full hand and gently twist as you stroke up and down while still sucking on his head. It will drive him CRAZY because his whole cock will be attended to.

6. DON’T FORGET HIS BALLS! Most men very much enjoy their balls licked, sucked or gently played with during oral. You have to be careful not to PULL too hard (unless he likes that sort of thing) and always make sure not to dig in your nails! So, give those balls a licking ladies, and wait for the moans to ensue!

5. VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF SEX! Doing the same repetitive motions over and over is boring in life and it is boring in sex! You need to change up the sensations for him, keep him off balance, make him go “OH” with a new trick or twist. Always use a variance of depth, speed, suction, etc. To keep him wondering what that beautiful woman between his legs will do next!

4. MORE SUCTION PLEASE!!! Ladies, if you are licking his cock like a popsicle you are doing it WRONG! Oral sex is a magical world of sensations that can only be achieved if you actually put his cock into your mouth! What you are looking for is this perfect blend of sucking that gets him rock hard. For some men it is gentle sucks by the head, others like full range of their shaft. One thing is for sure, all men love to have their cocks sucked in some manner. So, stop licking and start sucking!

3. TO DEEP THROAT OR NOT TO DEEP THROAT!! As yes, that is the question. Truth be told, deep throating is not every man’s favorite thing. No, it is true. Some men prefer just the head sucked and going down your throat does nothing for them. However, many men also love it. This does not mean you have to have his cock thrusting down your throat the entire time, but instead strategically time the deep throating thrusts in between other activities. If you can, DO! Putting his cock down your throat and swallowing while he is deeply down there is a guaranteed crowd pleaser! As for the gag –you can learn to overcome it. Practice makes perfect and if you love what you do, you will get over the gagging.

2. MAKE IT AN EXPERIENCE!! One thing I have learned over the years is a man will get VERY turned on if you are VERY turned on by pleasing him. So, if you make little moans or sighs, or talk a little dirty to him – “Oh baby, I love sucking your big cock!” – he will go NUTS! Even better, play with yourself while giving him head. Let your excitement for pleasing him cause you to please yourself – and let him KNOW you are doing it. It will push him over the edge in no time flat!

1. KNOW YOUR MAN!!! The number one thing you can do to make your blowjob the absolute BEST he has ever had is to pay attention to HIM. Listen to the moans, pay attention to how hard he gets. Figure out if he likes it slow or fast; deep or shallow; balls played with or not. Take your cues on what to do from HIM. If you take the time to do what he likes he will love you and the blowjob you give him that much more! Then you can expect the same from him when it is HIS time to go down on YOU!

MIKAYLA’S TIP: Notice in this article I did not mention swallowing. Well, that is because swallowing is a personal choice and not all women want to do it. However, I am here to say, if you DO swallow I can almost guarantee that your man will be extremely excited by that. Swallowing his cum is a very intimate expression of trust and, yes, love. His cum is the essence of his sexualness, and swallowing it makes it that much more intimate. Now, if you choose not to swallow, by all means do not spit in front of him or make any comments on the taste. You have just engaged in an amazing experience, let it remain so!

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Date 1/3/2014
Bob Davis
Everything you wrote was 100% "Rite-On", As far as I'm concerned. I have always treated my "Playmate's" very much like you described. Soft, Gentle, Patiently & Slowly, I'm in no Hurry, Were going to do this for, Hopefully Hour's. I also contribute some Sensual "Pillow-Talk".& probably 90% of the time, They Get more Excited, & into Enjoying Their own Sexuality, And You.

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