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10 Things She Can Do Without In The Bedroom

Posted by Randa to Men's Issues
10 Things She Doesn't Like In Bed

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Everyone has preferences when it comes to sexual play, and we can’t always know what our partner is thinking about the experience.  But there are many things that most women would agree are unpleasant, unnecessary, or just plain horrible.  Here are 10 things your lover could do without in the bedroom.

Extra Hard Spanking
Funny Calm Down Gif
Spanking is fun, but there is a time and place for the ultra-powerful slap.  Know your strength, and keep the whacks to a minimum unless the evening calls for it.  A romantic lovemaking session doesn’t always need a red-mark-leaving smack.  Grab, pat, and caress if you like, but a hard spank can just disrupt the moment.

Rushing Foreplay
Worth It Gif
DON’T DO IT.  Just going through the motions as quickly as possible does not equate to aroused partner.  This isn’t something you can rush.  For quickies and those heat-of-the-moment occasions, it might be okay, but for regular sex, no no.  It’s just going to be uncomfortable for her!  Take the time to turn her on and get her wet and you will both enjoy the sex a whole lot more.

Sharp Stubble
Funny Face Gif
Some of you probably have the stubble look, and that’s cool if it is well-kept.  But that too busy or lazy to shave stubble is not nice.  Early stubble is extra-sharp and can be extremely uncomfortable and unpleasant against your partner’s soft, supple cheeks and, even worse, her nether regions.  If you’re trying to grow it out, fine, she can probably stand one night, but don’t make razor-face a regular thing.  Ouch.

Wild Porn Positions

Funny Refusal Gif
In theory, those positions you see online are great, but you can’t expect your partner to do it so easily, especially without communication.  It is best to discuss the positions you would like to try with your partner before the sex.  Don’t try to arrange her in this crazy and uncomfortable sex position like the two of you have done it 100 times.  It’s uncomfortable!

Unexpected Aggression
Hilarious Calm Down Gif
Like hard spanking, there is a time and a place for the aggressive stud.  Dominance can be sexy, but if you spring it on her in the middle of regular or romantic sex, it can be unpleasant.  Make sure your actions fit the mood!  Sudden hard-biting or hair-pulling can trash the sexual flow and be a major turn-off.  Use your best judgment!  Even if she likes that sort of thing, she might not like it all the time!

What Do Women Think About During Sex?

Butt-Poking Of Any Kind
Do Not Want Gif
For some couples, anal play is commonplace.  But for many other women, nothing could be more unappealing.  NO MEANS NO.  Don’t casually poke at her rump like you might change her mind or accidentally slip in and show her how great it is.  That doesn’t happen.  For women who really aren’t into it, a playful poke can be gravely unsexy.  If you dabble in butt stuff, then you need time to prepare.  Lube is NECESSARY and so is a warning.  You don’t need to be coy.  She knows what you’re up to.

Bad Hygiene
Grossed Out Woman Gif
GUH!  I’m sure everyone in the world ever can do without this, but this is ESPECIALLY important in bed.  Foreplay and sex require a lot of kissing and licking and smelling of body parts that are usually closed-off, and icky odors and flavors are not hot.  If you want blowjobs, keep your pubic hair trimmed and clean and take special care to make it fresh for her face.  Also, watch out for bad breath and armpit stink.  It’s off-putting for all!  And don’t be covered in food or crumbs of any kind.

Ejaculating All Over
Disappointed Woman Gif
Please don’t, unless it has been anticipated or agreed upon by both parties.  Suddenly pulling out during sex or oral and ejaculating all over your partner will not be pleasant.  And you REALLY don’t want to cum on her face or hair without warning.  That’s a major no-no.  It also wouldn’t hurt to be a little conscientious of the sheets and comforter.  Making a huge mess is not a strong way to end the evening.

Head-Pushing Or Hair-Pulling During Oral
Hair-Pulling Gif
By all means, be enthused!  You’re getting a blowjob!  But don’t always grab her by the hair and force her to go faster or take you deeper.  Playing a little rough isn’t always against the rules, but this isn’t pleasant without the proper mood!  It can be really uncomfortable, it can hurt, and it can be gross.  The only thing this is great for is making her SICK.

T.V., Phone Use, Or Bad Music

Distracted TV Gif
Don’t leave the T.V. on.  Don’t leave you phone on unless you have to, and don’t check it or use it.  Don’t put on music she doesn’t like or that the two of you don’t listen to together.  Not only is it distracting for the both of you, but it’s not sexy.  You DO NOT want something like Criminal Minds on the T.V. while you’re getting frisky.  If you need ambient sounds, please make it something pleasant.

Not all of these are necessarily bad all the time, so use your best judgment.  Make sure your actions make sense.  Rough or aggressive sex has a certain tone, and interrupting a totally different tone with a hard spank or painful bite is not so nice.  Take good care of your body, be hygienic, keep all kinds of hair neat, and go with the flow.

What Can You Do Without?
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Date 3/24/2016
When we are having romantic sex and hubby says out of nowhere, "oh yea, you like that slut" or something!
Date 3/24/2016
Janet Wilson
When he uses way to much lube
Date 3/24/2016
weird positions or uncomfortable ones
Date 3/24/2016
when he finishes to fast... not bc it was an accident but bc hes just rushing
Date 3/24/2016
Cumming on me or my bed!! Its too sticky and it stains!!
Date 3/24/2016
Melinda M.
Just 1 POsition! especially if its just misisonary! :((
Date 5/5/2016
Boring, unemotional sex. There's nothing worse than just going threw the motions. Especially without previous arousal.
Date 9/17/2016
Sometimes fingers or stiff vibrators can be a turn off if they are too deep or aggressively thrust. We women have been getting exams all our lives and sometimes it feels unemotional and medical.
Date 11/15/2017
I hate when my boyfriend asks if we can do things he knows I'm not into. There is a time and a place to talk about it but NOT when we are in bed getting busy! It just turns me off.
Date 11/17/2017
Dawn Kipman
Skipping foreplay or getting too rough and excited. I like there to be a buildup to sex but sometimes he wants to get to it so quick he just knocks away whatever is in my hands and starts pulling off my pants. SLOW DOWN!
Date 11/19/2017
I can stand when my partner always tell me that they like it with the lights on and I hate it. For me, it really kills the mood and puts me out of it. Another thing I hate is when ur making love and all of a sudden u feel a thumb up ur ass when you told your partner we will try it next time. Which is another reason I think I have been single as long as I have.
Date 1/23/2018
I like it when he plays with my hair or brushes it while I'm giving oral, but I don't like having my head held down on him! Ugh!
Date 1/24/2018
I don't like when my partner tries to do or joke about or asks for anal sex. I'm not into it right now, and I told him I would tell him when it is something I want to do. It's annoying!

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