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10 Tales Of Women Caught Masturbating!

Posted by Randa to General / Misc Info

UH-OH!  Someone was caught with their hand in the cookie jar!  Maybe someone came home early.  Maybe you forgot to lock the door.  Maybe you were doing it in a not-so-private place.  Whatever the circumstances, you were caught masturbating!  Chances are, this has happened to you or will happen to you at some point in the future.  Although uncomfortable, it’s not the end of the world!  Read these stories and you’ll see that you’re not alone!

K. L. from Albany, NY
"My younger sister walked in on me when I was a teen.  She came in to ask me something.  I was under a blanket but she definitely knew what I was up to because she blushed and said, 'never mind!'  Then she ran out!  We never EVER brought it up!"
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Meghan W. T. from MT
"I got home from work early one day and thought, 'what the hell, I’ll put on some porn and rub one out'.  Turns out my boyfriend wasn’t far behind me and sure enough, he walked in on me.  At first I was furious 
because he thought it was funny and I was sooo embarrassed, but it ended up working out nicely.  That was the first time we ever watched porn together and now, I’m pretty glad it happened!"

Lucille P. R. from Santa Fe, NM
"The FIRST TIME I ever touched myself, I was caught red-handed by my mom.  She said, 'Oops, sorry!' and left but I couldn’t look her in the eye for a week!  We don’t talk about it.  Ever."

Jessie A. from Burlington, VT
"OK so this is absolutely horrifying for me but here it goes!!  My boyfriend was on his way home from work and I decided I would surprise him by waiting for him on the couch and getting started in the meantime.  Of course he came home with a couple of his co-workers and the three of them discovered me naked and touching myself.  I thought I was going to die from embarrassment.  My boyfriend was pretty mortified, but I know some small part of him was beaming with excitement.  I guess I can't really fault him for that!"

Paige W. from Cranston, RH
"This one time I was using my Hitachi wand and that’s when I found out it’s a really loud toy because my dad came home and knocked on my bedroom door and asked, 'What’s that noise?'  Terrible!"

Bridget S. from DE
"The one and only time I was walked in on was by my husband.  I was watching porn with headphones in and I didn’t even hear him come in the room.  He yelled, 'OH!' and I slammed the laptop shut, but it was obviously too late.  He said he didn’t care, but it was awful for me."

A. from Los Angeles, CA
On my eighteenth birthday, my parents and I went out to California to visit family.  My family was renting this GORGEOUS old mansion in the hills out of Los Angeles, and it had an incredible bathroom with Spanish tiles and this big ol' shower that had these tile benches in it and a glass wall/door in the front.  So I'm showering, and doing other things all splayed out on the bench, and things got a little... involved... and didn't hear my mother knock.  Next thing I know, through the foggy shower door, I see my mother, staring right at me, full frontal, playing with myself.  I immediately stop and am like 'WTF MOM GET OUT' and she just says 'You Go Girl!' and backs out of the room."

Linda F. from TX
"When I was in college, my roommate came in my room without knocking.  I didn’t even know what to do, so I just laughed and scrambled for the sheets and said, 'Whoops!  Gotta fix that lock am I right!' she quickly slammed shut and while my face slowly turned a scarlet red, I heard a hysterical chuckle on the other side of the door.  College."

Joy H. from Newark, NJ
"This was my fault.  I was at the movies with my boyfriend and we were caught by an usher.  We had to leave.  At least we were both doing it!"

Tina L. P. from Rockville, MD
"I was stuck in traffic on my way home for the airport and I really wanted to get off, so I figured I’d pass the time.  Once I was finished, I looked over and saw someone in a truck next to me staring.  I made eye contact with him and we both looked away, embarrassed.  It was awful!"

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Date 2/11/2016
Yes!! my bf. walked in on me while I was doing it in the shower. cant find privacy anywhere
Date 2/11/2016
Cassandra Mayes
I walked in on my husband once. he turned bright red lol
Date 2/11/2016
Pinkie 22
Nope! Not yet anyway! haha
Date 2/19/2016
Jessica Santillo
Oh thank god nothing like this has happened to me yet!!! But I'm scared it's going to since I moved back in with my dsd to save money. Ugh, no too timid time for me!

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