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10 Sexual Things To Do In The Dark (For Couples)

Posted by TooTimid Staff to General / Misc Info
10 Sexual Things To Do In The DarkIt’s time to heighten your sensations and get sexual in the shadows! There is something inherently sexy about slipping between the sheets in the stillness of the night, and thus it’s a perfect setting for new adventures for partners of all varieties! Take them by the hand and turn off the lights to explore some new experiences with 10 Sexual Things To Do In The Dark!

1. TASTE: Everything tastes better in the dark, especially when you are sharing it with your lover. It gets even sexier when you are eating it off your lover! Try introducing succulent, sweet, salty flavors and turn your taste buds on together. A little whip creamgoes a long way in the dark!

2. BATHE TOGETHER: Take a dip by candlelight, then blow out the candles and get even better acquainted! Even the most demure bathroom can be turned into a luxurious spa escape with a few sensuous candles and rose petals. To create kissable, smooth skin, add a few drops of an aromatic oil like Kama Sutra Massage Oils or Inttimo Aromatherapy Massage & Bath Oil to the bath.

3. MASSAGE: Take a hint from the above idea and utilize massage oils in a variety of scents and sensations for an arousing adult adventure! There are exciting warming oils and lubricants like the Body Heat Warming Massage Lotion (which happens to be edible too)! Or, if you’re ready to get seriously intimate, a few drops of an exhilarating cooling lubricant like Climax Bursts Cooling Lubricant or a radiating, tingling lotion like Cleopatra’s Secret Creme!

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4. DOMINATE: Keep your sexual encounter dark and mysterious by playing with dominant and submissive role play. Keep your mouths shut and discover who wants what strictly by touch! Even conservative couples can enjoy the effort it takes to have hands-on pleasure while trying to remain silent!

5. TIE UP: If the domination tip got you a little hot and bothered, you’re going to love this idea! With so many different styles of beginner and advanced restraints available to you and your lover, tying up your lover (or being tied up yourself) can be quite stimulating! Not just for bondage-lovers, many restraints can be used to get into the perfect positions with ease!

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6. DANCE, STRIP, REPEAT: We don’t mean breaking out your sweet moves from the 80s for a dance party. The intimate act of holding each others’ bodies together, feeling your lover breathing against your skin, and enjoying the closeness of the moment is all about what makes dancing in the dark sexy. Slip into more dirty dancing by slipping out of your clothes slowly, one layer at a time.

7. MAKE IT DARKER: It’s true that your other four senses are heightened when the fifth is taken away, so why not make it even darker by adding a blindfold into the mix? Take turns teasing each other with warm kisses, soft touches, scents and tastes while behind the veil of a blindfold or mask. You can choose from all sorts of materials like velvet, satin, silk, or even leather!

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8. TEMPERATURE PLAY: If you want to experience invigorating affection, then it’s time to introduce temperature play into the shadows of your bedroom. On sizzling summer nights, the cool touch of a metallic-style bullet vibrator can send shivers up her spine! On cold winter evenings, a glass dildo or glass plug that’s been dipped in hot water can be just as sensational! If you want to skip the toys, using an ice cube, or a bit of warming gel or lubricant works just as well!

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9. HAND IN HAND: Take his or her hands and put them where you want them! Tease your lover’s fingertips with a lick or a nibble, then run them all around (or inside) your body. Quick sweeps over your most scandalous areas will certainly have them wondering what your next move will be!

10. SHARE YOUR SECRETS: If you think whispering sweet nothings to your lover in the daytime is fun, take a trip back to your wonder years and start whispering secrets! Playing an old fashioned game of Truth or Dare in your skivvies can certainly spice up the nighttime. Start with playful questions and work your way up to dirty truths and thrilling dares!

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Date 6/21/2014
our tubsnot big enuf
Date 1/27/2016
ooooh dancing in the dark together naked sounds HOT
Date 10/24/2017
We use a blindfold for foreplay sometimes and I love not knowing where he will touch me next. Keeps me on the edge.
Date 10/27/2017
We typically have sex with some light on because we like to see one another, but I do like a nice dark romp where you have to feel around for everything.

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