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Anal Starter Kit

Anal Starter Kit

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Perfect for couples or anyone learning to explore or expand their anal play, this kit has a variety of textures, lengths, and sensations to experiment with! Ease your way into this highly-sensitive area with textured sleves, vibrating wand, plug base, and anal beads.
  • Great for couples
  • Explore or expand anal play
  • Try out a variety of textures, lengths, and sensations
  • Includes vibrating wand, realistic sleeve, anal plug, and anal beads
  • Lots of variety in one simple kit
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Anal Starter Kit Description

The couples that play together, stay together. Anal sex starter kit includes luminescent mini slim traditional vibrator, anal beads, beginners butt plug sleeve and slim veiny cock sleeve. Anal beads are non-vibrating and feature a handy retrieval ring.

Material: TPR

Length: 13.25"
Diameter: .7"
Insertable Length: 12.25"
Customer Reviews review
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Rating A Nice Beginning
You receive a slim vibe that measures about 5 inches from tip to base and about ½ in diameter at its widest point. There is also a purple rubber butt plug that is 4 inches long and is 1 inch in diameter. Also included is a set of anal beads in pink as well that are attached to each other by rope. There are 5 small beads. I am a little concerned with this due to cleanliness of the rope after use. The cock like sleeve is perfect for putting over the vibe. This is also purple in color and rubber. It has the various ridges to imitate the real deal. It measures 5 ¼ inches long and 1 inch in diameter. None of these items had any type of new toy smell. I washed all of them up. The plug and cock are very easy to wash up. Be more careful washing the vibe as that is not water proof. I think this is perfect for the beginner as the vibe isn't very wide and then you can graduate up through the sleeve or the plug. We started out with the slim vibe and it went in without a problem and then he turned it on it felt great. At the end of the vibe is an adjustable dial. He decided that we should see how it felt for us while he was inside of me as well. It worked out very well and gave me a wonderful orgasm. Then we switched to the plug which filled me nicely and felt very comfortable. This was also very easy to insert. This is good to get you used to having things anally and also for stretching it some. The plug was very nice. Then he placed the cock like sleeve onto the vibe and lubed the outside of the sleeve and inserted it. I agree it did feel very natural. The vibes are not real strong but I am not one for something really strong anally. I definitely recommend this to anyone that has recently started either thinking about anal or who has started anal. Just remember lube and relaxation is the key to being able to enjoy anal. You want it to be enjoyable for both of you.

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Reviewed by:  from Unknown. - 6/19/2008
Rating Okay starter if not used to anal
I was looking for something to use during sex with my hubby. We already have anal sex and wanted to add to the experience. Unfortunately, the biggest downfall of this product is that it seems cheaply made. I put the vibe inside of the cock sleeve and ended up breaking the vibe trying to remove it. I still use the plug sometimes, but you have to keep a hand on it to keep it in. Since I'm already used to my husbands size, the plug was slightly disappointing in size. So if you're used to a penis this product might be a little too beginner for you.

Did you find this helpful?    3 of 3 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Midwest. - 4/19/2013
Rating Blueeyedgurl
This Anal Starter Kit is all you need for a safe introduction to anal sex. The Anal Starter Kit includes a 5" sleek vibrator that requires 3 AAA batteries, a 4" butt plug sleeve, and 5.25" penis shaped sleeve. The sleeves are made of a soft rubbery plastic. Combine the vibration to either sleeve for maximum pleasure. The butt plug offers a non-threatening way to explore and experience the highly arousing sensations of anal stimulation. Also included are anal beads, which measure 13" with 5 small pink balls. Insert them before intercourse and remove upon orgasm to add an erotic edge, or use them to help prepare for anal intercourse. The kit cleans up very easily with antibacterial soap and water. I did find that you have to leave the sleeves out a little longer to dry the insides. So upon receiving the Anal Starter Kit from www.tootimid.com I was kind of nervous and hubby was excited. Hubby and I have experimented some with anal sex but never with toys. I enjoy anal stimulation but haven't quite mastered anal sex with hubby. I felt this kit would be a good start for me and boy was it ever. Hubby and I have found several different ways to enjoy this kit. These sleeves are very comfortable with a small amount of lube, and the vibrator adds more stimulation when placed inside the sleeve. . You can use the sleeve with or without the vibration, but I find the vibration in the sleeve to be the best orgasm ever. I had never used anal beads before either, now after trying them they are not my favorite. I find more pleasure in vibration in the butt plug.

Did you find this helpful?    3 of 3 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Unknown. - 4/24/2008
Rating Anal Starter Beads
The Anal Starter Kit comes with .5 anal beads on a rope, a very slim .5 diameter vibrator that is 5 long, a 4 butt plug with a 1 diameter and a penis sleeve that is 5.25 long and 1 in diameter. The vibrator uses 3 AAA batteries and is NOT waterproof so be extra careful when cleaning. We started out with some doggy style sex and when I was really getting into it Anton pulls out this little kit. He lubes up the vibe and me while still pumping away in me He slowly inserts the slim vibe which is turned on and it sends a ripple of vibrations thru my entire being as I have my 1st O of the night. Anton says he can even feel the vibrations on his cock while he is inside me. After a few minutes he removes the vibe and we try the plug ( lubed of course) It goes in rather smoothly but he has to hold it in place to keep it from coming out. I discover that although this is not unpleasant I prefer vibes instead of no vibes. I tell him this and he is fine with that and removes the plug. We switch positions now to me on my back, legs up and he tries to get the vibe in again but I think the position is wrong so we give up on that for the night and enjoy ourselves. While laying in the bed discussing our kit and looking at the pieces we havent tried yet I decide that the rope on the beads looks a bit rough (especially where it is knotted to keep the last bead on aka the part that goes in you first) so he says he will be the guinea pig for them. He inserts them and agrees that the rope is a bit rough but he also thinks the beads are a bit on the small side. We toss the beds after his experiment thinking they must be a one time use item as how can you really be sure that the rope is truly clean enough after use. The penis sleeve we are saving for when I get braver. The vibe does fit inside so it is possible that this will be a very pleasant experience.

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Reviewed by:  from Southern US. - 8/12/2008
Rating mr
The Anal Starter Kit comes with .5 anal beads on a rope, a very slim .5 diameter vibrator that is 5 long, a 4 butt plug with a 1 diameter and a penis sleeve that is 5.25 long and 1 in diameter with many ridges . The vibrator uses 3 AAA batteries, while it not waterproof, can be easily cleaned. All sleeves are made of a soft rubbery plastic. Combine the vibration to either the penis sleeve, or the butt blug for maximum pleasure. The butt plug offers a non-threatening way to explore, especially if inserted without the vibrator inside because it is very soft, while still experience the highly arousing sensations of anal stimulation. The only drawback to inserting the pulg alone is due to the softness thought as it will not stay put without keeping a hand on it. Also included in this kit are anal beads, which measure approx. 13" with 5 small pink balls. These are definitely small enough to allow play without being too threatening. These can be used in multiple ways, either insert them before intercourse and remove upon orgasm, or use them to help prepare for anal intercourse by using them for fullness or getting the sphinchter relaxed. Everything in the kit with the exception of the beads clean up very easily with antibacterial soap and water, the beads have a rope that I found I just didn't really think that I could ever get them clean so I thought that they should be used as a one time use product. All in all, I would have to say that the wife actually said that the butt plug combined with the vibrator in it, inserted in her, was the best orgasm she has ever had. We used that combination while I was in her elsewhere and she came completely unglued. I have to say it was a nice way to end a weekend get away. Thing was a little cheaply made, and beads didn't seem like they could be cleaned well. Did seem a little cheaply made. Mike

Did you find this helpful?    1 of 1 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from missouri. - 11/5/2010
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