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Top 7 Rabbit Vibrators

Posted by TooTimid Staff
What is a “Rabbit” you ask? Well, it’s a furry little animal that… OH! You mean THAT kind of Rabbit… Ok, then. A "Rabbit" is a dual action vibrator (a vibrator that is designed to stimulate two key erogenous zones simultaneously; the clitoris and the vaginal wall and/or G-Spot …or anus, if you please) that, in addition to sporting a shaft that comes in different sizes, shapes and colors, which may or may not rotate, pulsate, thrust, or any combination there of, usually has a cute little rabbit (or bunny) shaped clitoral stimulator; thus, The Rabbit. Awwwww! You can also find a dual action vibrator in other shapes (dolphins, flowers, etc.) if a rabbit just isn't your thing.

Many manufacturers produce various (and similar) versions of The Rabbit Vibrator (because it is, afterall, the best invention known to (wo)man.) As to which one to get, well, there are a few factors to consider. Size, shape, color and performance options – do you want the vibrator to be small and petite or large and in charge. Do you want it to simply rotate, or thrust too?! Do you prefer plastic or metal beads? Really – it’s all about personal preference. In no particular order here are the Rabbit Vibrators that we like best:

The Jack Rabbit Pearl Vibrator Originally made famous by Sex in the City; it's the one vibrator most women have heard about and desire. Of course, now there are more options, but this one is the back-to-basics model. A “sure-fire orgasm device” claim some, but one thing is for sure – this baby has some power behind it with a hand-held controller for less reach, more pleasure that requires three C batteries – yes! 3! The famous Jack Rabbit Pearl with its rotating plastic beads now comes with the turbo powered dual-control, multi-speed battery pack for more vibration and incredible sensations. The "dancing" Pearls vibrate and expand the shaft for out-of-this-world sensations. New controls with reverse rotation! Sound complicated? It’s not – you’ll get the hang of it quickly!

Impulse Jack Rabbit The "Original" Jack Rabbit that you fell in love with now has incredible levels of vibration, pulsation and escalation. Soft, sexy and totally 21st Century! This is the upgraded, sister model of the Jack Rabbit Pearl above. With seven (7!) Hypersonic functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation this one is sure to please! Complete with non-jamming synchronized row of rotating metal beads for powerful climatic sensations. The infamous flickering rabbit ears give incredible clitoral stimulation with vibrations, pulsations and escalating modes. Soft, pliable realistic shaped head with textural bumps offer up that “full” feeling.

Platinum Jack Rabbit For those of you who desire a little bling with your buzz. The original Jack Rabbit just keeps getting better and better – and flashier! 7 functions with 6 powerful speeds of non-jamming rotating metal beads on this eager-to-please Rabbit. It is waterproof, so you can have your bling and shower with it to (though, I’d keep the battery case/controller as dry as you can just to be on the safe side.) It’s made out of a soft, unscented TPE material, so it is as safe as it is sparkly. Easy load battery pack. Automatic off button – WELL worth the shimmering upgrade.

Bath-Time Bunny This bunny vibrator comes to the water – and not a moment too soon! All the pleasures of the original, but now with the added sensation of water! Enjoy your bath and shower time like never before with some good, clean fun. This powerful, 100% waterproof, multi-speed vibrator is realistic in size and shape, but also has the prerequisite "bunny ears" for ultimate clitoral stimulation - so you can receive pleasure in more ways than one!

Ultimate Pearl Beaded Rabbit Vibrator Are you looking for a high class bullet with multiple functions that looks as sexy as it feels? It isn’t just a dream, you can have it all with this bullet. This waterproof, silky smooth bullet has seven ultra powerful functions of vibration and pulsation for those of you who have a hard time making up your mind. The innovative touch-pad controller adjusts the vibrations with a touch of your thumb. Would you ever really want to wake up from this dream?

Ultimate Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator This is the love toy that does it all: it vibrates, it rotates and it thrusts – yeah, you heard me – it THRUSTS! The only thing you’re required to do is enjoy! This dual action vibe comes complete with 15 different variations of stimulations; five different thrusting functions, five different rotation functions and five different vibration functions - so YOU have the ultimate control over your orgasm(s.) Made of a soft, supple jelly material this vibrator is powerful and fun. You get all the great functions of a pearl beaded rabbit, a fluttering rabbit clitoral stimulator and a thrusting vibrator in one complete package. The easy to use hand controls make this rabbit vibrator even better. No cords to mess with. It thrusts, it rotates, it vibrates - it's the Ultimate Rabbit!

The Rabbit Pearl The maker of this toy, Vibratex, requests that you “feel the difference” with this toy. Well, obviously you can’t “feel” over the internet – duh- but you sure can SEE the difference! Made out of Elastomer (a Phthalate free material) this Rabbit is super soft and pliable – add a touch of water based lubricant and you are good to go (and go, and go, and…!) The beautiful design and long-lasting, quiet motor makes this toy the favorite choice for the quality conscious. This vibrator features the ancient artistic practice of depicting faces of people and animals, an art form which dates back to the era of the Shogun when craftsmen were prohibited from making sex toys resembling male and/or female genitalia. Of course, just as you would expect, it still has that cute-as-button bunny clitoral stimulator! Experience one for yourself and feel the difference!

Adopt your very own bunny today!


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