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Top 7 G-Spot Vibrators

Posted by TooTimid Staff
Ah, the elusive Gräfenberg spot, more commonly known as – The G-Spot. What? Don’t be silly, Of COURSE it exists (if you have the right tools, education and willingness to find it.) You don’t have to be an archeologist, OR a physic to find yours. The truth is, if you’re a woman – you have a G-Spot and possess the ability to have a G-Spot orgasm. If you’re a man, well, you can find a woman that has one. It’s magical, it’s mystical and when you locate it, you’ll know. In fact, the more often you look, the easier it is to find!

Here is a wonderful article to aid in locating the spot (and yes, there IS a photo:) The Quest For The Holy Grail

Here are a few tools to make the job a little easier:

Buttefly Kiss Vibrator **BEST-SELLER** This is one of our best-selling vibrators.  The Butterfly Kiss Vibrator has thousands of satisfied customers.  It is shaped perfectly to hit the g-spot and the butterfly provides lots of powerful vibrations to stimulate your clitoris.

Le Rev Silicone Petite **BEST-SELLER** The flexible silicone shaft cleverly conforms to your body's contours, making it perfect for g-spot or p-spot stimulation. The velvety-soft silicone is sleek and seamless, while the super powerful motor provides intense vibrations. And no one will know your little secret, thanks to the whisper-quiet motor and discreet design. It's small enough for your purse, clutch, makeup bag or anywhere you go. 

G-Spot Arouser The vibrations of this are strong.  It is multi-speed and waterproof.  You'll love the curved tip and how easily it allows you to find your g-spot!

Lelo GiGi **BEST-SELLER** High-end G-Spot lovin’ at it’s finest. This vibrator is classy and sassy with its smooth, sleek and super sensitive control pad and high quality silicone shaft – it’s easily the Cadillac of sex toys; especially G-Spot sex toys. Worth every penny, and I’m sure you’ll agree, with this toy you will never have to buy batteries again. Yup – it’s rechargeable and comes with an AC adapter that plugs into the wall. Slip the toy into the provided black satin bag and no one will know what you have charging on your bedside table. GiGi is a dedicated pleasure object for the discerning G-spot connoisseur. Carefully sculpted to unlock the secrets of this mysterious and special place, the dramatic shape breathes an air of investigative purpose. Five pre-programmed pleasure modes and a virtually silent vibrator engine deliver deep and vibrant sensations with spot-on precision. As an expert in her particular field, GIGI will happily assist in revealing the thrills of the elusive, anytime, anywhere. GIGI is rechargeable and a 1-hour charge will provide up to 1.5 hours of bliss.

Lucid Dream #14 Don’t let the generic name and lackluster number fool you; this toy is everything but generic. It will give you sweet dreams every time you use it! Affordable, trustworthy and pretty; this G-Spot vibrator has everything you could want – right down to the perfectly curved tip designed to reach your G-Spot and help you achieve your goal! The bullet that holds the vibrations is located at the tip, which makes this toy unique – and powerful right where you need it most. This toy is so multifunctional that in addition to marvelous G-Spot stimulation, you could use it as an external stimulator …or to whisk your eggs in the morning (ok, skip that last part.) The Lucid Dream #14 aims to please.

Waterproof G-Spot Stimulator **BEST-SELLER** Simple, small, easy-to use and perfect for all of you G-Spot newbie’s out there. This sweet thing is completely waterproof, so if you prefer to have your fun in the tub for easy clean-up this is the toy for you! Sometimes all of those buttons, bumps, knobs and thing-a-ma-jigs can get in the way of a good time – this is the low-tech, easily affordable, back to basics version of a really good thing. Plus, it’s very discreet (for all of you with nosey children/roommates/significant others.) Buy one for yourself, and one for a friend. OH! And, just in case you’re afraid of losing your way when things get dark – the tip is lighted! Flashlight/G-Spot toy all rolled into one. Sweet.

Ultime Personal Massager If you’re looking for a G-Spot toy that has a little “maturity” on all of the others, try this one! It’s made to fit all of the sensual nooks and crannies of a woman’s body, while providing the ultimate in G-Spot stimulation. It curves perfectly to hit your sweet spot, and the control button is conveniently located, so you don’t have to interrupt your play-time to search for the speeds. This innovative design stimulates BOTH the clitoris and the G-Spot. Simply insert the slender end for intense G-Spot stimulation while the other end wraps around the pubic bone for maximum clitoral pleasure. The Ultime provides tantalizing vibrations in three quiet speeds.

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